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FIRELINE "Classico" - Flueless Gas Fire
The FIRELINE CLASSICO flueless gas fire was launched in 2003 and created the look that others imitate. Don't settle for second best! This award winning gas fire has a glamorous open flame, highly polished interior and a wide selection of natural stone fascias.
  • As featured on Channel 4 "Grand Designs"
  • As featured on Channel 4 "the Home Show"
  • Winner of the Interbuild Energy Efficiency Award.
  • Winner of Homes and Gardens Design Award.
Typical Running Costs on Natural Gas are 5p/Hour (annual cost typically £50/year). Compared to a conventional gas fire with the same heat output into the room this represents a saving of 70% on running costs!. Been told a stove is a better choice? Consider an energy efficient gas fire costing £50/year or anything up to £900/year burning wood? Its a simple choice. Download a Copy of Our Brochure
fireline flueless gas fire classico with portuguese limestone fascia - standard size

The High Efficiency CLASSICO flueless gas fire is safe and clean burning with ultra low emissions and does not require a glass screen. This high specification version of our award winning flueless gas burner technology combines a highly polished interior with a choice of 22 variations of natural stone fascia. All fascias are made from 20mm thick stone and are available in either standard (970) or wide-screen (1080) sizes. The choice of natural stone fascia and being hand made in our UK factory ensures every fire is totally unique with its own character and quality.

TheCLASSICO flueless gas fire is available in either 2.7kw or 3.5kw heat outputs and will warm up a room nicely while also helping to save money on your heating bills. As with all flueless gas fireplaces there is no requirement for a chimney, simply hang the fire on any wall within the room.

" As featured on TV : 'The Home Show' and 'Grand Designs' "

Choose from Natural Gas or LG, Manual or Remote Control, Standard (970mm) or Widescreen (1080mm) Sizes and 22 different fascia materials. Create something stunning in your home.

flueless gas fire
flueless gas fire with portuguese limestone fascia - no glass flueless fire

Our award winning flueless gas fires are a great way to reduce your CO2 emissions, which overall contribute towards climate change. Not only is this design of gas fire 100% energy efficient but it will also help reduce your overall gas bills. Our flueless gas fires burn very cleanly with very low emissions - CO, CO2 and NOx - and do not need a glass screen or catalytic filters.

We recently tested a competitors fire purchased from a major DIY store. The glass screen on the front of the fire reached over 220 deg C. That would cause a considerable burn if touched! Our technology does not need a glass screen.

Live Video, no other flueless gas fire performs like this! - VIEW HD VIDEO OF FIRELINE
flueless gas fire

fireline widescreen version with portuguese limestone fascia

Above: Widescreen Version with 1pc Portuguese Limestone Fascia. [Smaller version shown below]

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  • Key Product Features:
    • This plasma style flueless gas fire has a highly polished mirrored interior to reflect the open living flame.
    • Energy efficient flueless gas fire save energy and money with low running costs.
    • Sleek wall mounted contemporary flueless gas fire with natural stone fascia.
    • Award winning open flamed flueless gas fire design with ribbon burner and a large open flame.
    • No Glass, No Filters - CE approved for natural gas or lpg.
    • The eco-friendly flueless gas burner has ultra low emissions and is safe and reliable.
    • Buy British! This fire is hand made in the UK using local materials.
    • Very Reliable - A version of this fire was tested for over 14,000 hours [equivalent to 25 years domestic use!]
    • No chimney required, wall mounted, very easy to install on any wall within a room.
    • (FFD) Flame Failure & (ODS) Oxygen Depletion Sensor Safety Device fitted for safety.
  • Running Costs:
    • 2.7Kw Version - Natural Gas = 4p/hour
    • 3.5Kw Version - Natural Gas = 5p/hour
    • 3.5Kw Version - LPG = 18p/hour
    • Based on Natural Gas @ 2.4p [check your gas supplier]
    Purchasing Options
      • Standard Size = 970mm (w) X 705mm (h) x 170mm (d)
      • Wide-Screen Size = 1080mm (w) x 705mm (h) x 170mm (d)
      • Use the links above to view the specification sheets.
      • 4pc or 1pc Portuguese Limestone.
      • 4pc or 1pc African Black Granite.
      • 4pc or 1pc Black Leather.
      • 4pc or 1pc Serena Grey.
      • 4pc or 1pc Jade.
      • 4pc Madre Perle White Stone.
      • 1pc Creme Travertine [unfilled & natural].
      • 1pc Silver Travertine [polished].
      • 1pc Rainforest Brown.
      • 1pc Cabernet Brown.
      • 4pc Mirror Fascia - Square or Mitre Cut.
      • Ebony Black.
      • View Standard FIRELINE Picture Gallery.
      • View Widescreen FIRELINE Picture Gallery
      • Manual Control via Piezo Starter.
      Remote option available.
      • 2.7 kW or 3.5kW Natural Gas
      • 3.5kW LPG.
      • Mains Operated Remote Control (full sequence on/off and up/down).
      • Deflector Gather - to allow a shelf above fire or recess into a fire surround.
      • Recess Wall Plate to mount fire in to the wall is available.
      • Before considering theDeflector Gather or Recess plate options for this fire it is strongly advised that technical help is sought prior to ordering from 01325-301020.
  • Installation Requirements:
    • 2.7 kW - minimum room size of 27m3 (or greater) and requires a 100cm2 or greater "free air" vent.
    • 3.5 kW - minimum room size of 35m3 (or greater) and requires a 125cm2 or greater "free air" vent.
    • Air vent must be over 1 meter away from the appliance.
    • Room must have a window which can be opened if required.
  • How To Order:
    • Order over the telephone from our experienced sales consultants - 01325-301020
    • Visit our FIREVAULT fireplace showrooms based in the North and South of the UK.
    • Out of Hours, please complete our online contact form and we will contact you.
    • EUROPE - we have a European distribution network - call for details or [email]
TRAVERTINE [unfilled]
GREEN LIMESTONE - Beautiful natural stone with fossils with a grey and green appearance.
SERENA - This is a natural stone with a light grey appearance
Many other stone types available - please ask for details.
flueless fireplace
flueless fireplace with mirror fascia
Hole in the Wall Flueless gas fire
classico flueless gas fire with 4pc african black granite fascia, standard size.
classico flueless gas fire with 4pc cut portuguese limestone fascia, standard size.
classico flueless gas fire with indian sandstone fascia, widescreen size.
classico flueless gas fire with creme travertine fascia, widescreen size.
Award winning technology featured on TV
As featured on Grand Designs
Winner of Homes and Garden Design Award
As featured on The Home Show
Winner of the Interbuild Energy Efficiency Award
As featured on Grand Designs
Winner of Homes and Garden Design Award
As featured on The Home Show
Winner of the Interbuild Energy Efficiency Award
flueless gas fire

All flueless gas fires are handmade in the UK at our Newton Aycliffe Factory. We use locally sourced high quality materials in all our manufacturing. We are a totally independent UK flueless gas fire manufacturer with our own unique technology. We sell our flueless gas fires via our own telesales department and in store at our FIREVAULT fireplace showrooms. These are based in the NORTH and the SOUTH of the UK within easy reach of most locations. All of the flueless gas fires we manufacture are on live display and there are many different stone samples available to help make the correct choice for your home.


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